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2017 Board of Directors of Illinois Heartland Walk to Emmaus.

In addition to their governance responsibilities, Board members chair the subcommittees listed next to their names below. These committees keep the program running smoothly. Community members serve on subcommittees.




Community Lay Director – 

Art Inman (309) 692-9206


Assistant Community Lay Director – 

Joann Utt (309) 321-8003


Community Spiritual Director –

Rev. Dick Jumper (815) 796-2884



Tom Dresden (309)691-6828


Financial Director

Dave Myers (309) 258-8003



David Mauller



To Be Announced



72-Hour Prayer Vigil:

Secure Community members and others to commit to pray for the team and pilgrims for each Walk.

Agape Work Room: Nancy Booher 253-0639; Kim Herout 241-7079

Collect Agape letters and items for local team and pilgrims, prepare envelopes and Agape bags

Apostolic Hour: Ken Sloan-Couch 824-2664

Coordinate for each weekend — get clergy, persons to do readings, etc. musician, secure communion elements, and cleanup.

Budget: Tom Newby 815-878-5986

Coordinate with the Board Treasurer to oversee the budget.

Communications and Database Management: Jeff Dunbar 657-5914

Keep the Community informed — includes publicity for Gatherings, Apostolic Hour, Closings, Sponsor’s Hour and other events. Keep database updated, e-mail Community concerning events.

Work with Newsletter Editor.

Closing: Jeanne Sweet 698-8130

Secure ushers and other needed help.

Emmaus Webpage Jeff Dunbar  657-5914

Facility Set-Up and Breakdown (clean up): Art Inman 692-9206

Secure help and oversee preparation of Spalding Renewal Center and clean up after the Walk

Fundraising: Need a chair Call Jeanne Sweet 698-8130

Raising supplemental income for the Community so Pilgrim fees can stay as they are

Gathering Coordinator: Tom Newby 815-878-5986

Secure host churches and hosts

Group Reunion/Follow-up: Ken Sloan-Couch 824-2664

Maintain list of current reunion groups; ensure that new pilgrims are assisted in finding or forming groups.

Historian: Dave Bultemeier 699-3014

Keep records (pictures, team and pilgrim lists, etc) of each weekend held by IHE for future reference.

Kitchen and Food Service: Jim Hinrichsen 645-2579

Secure volunteers to help in kitchen; oversight of all requirements for food service (meals and snacks).

Music/Entertainment: Nancy Booher 253-0639

Secure musicians for Community events, gutbucket for the weekend, help Gathering hosts find musicians, etc.

Nominating: Jeanne Sweet 698-8130

Search for new Board members in June of each year with election held in October.

Promotion (Publicity): Jeff Dunbar 657-5914

Publicizing Community events.

Registrar/Registration: Emily Myers 210-3366

Registration of Pilgrims at the Walks. Collect applications and payment for pilgrims, make nametags, send acceptance letters, etc.

Sister Community Liaison: David Myers 258-8003

Keep in touch with other area Emmaus and Chrysalis communities and with the Cursillo Community.

Sponsorship Development: Ken Sloan-Couch 824-2664

Keep the Community informed of the importance of careful and responsible sponsorship of pilgrims for the weekends.


Recruit Community volunteers to monitor the door during Walk weekends — 6 am to 9 pm.

Sponsors’ Hour: Ken Sloan-Couch 824-2664

Coordinate and lead the service, make sure team and pilgrim lists are available, etc.

Supplies / Promotional Supplies: Tom Dresden 691-6828

Purchase supplies for each Walk, maintain the master list, keep an inventory, maintain the supply room. Maintain inventory of promotional items, set up display tables at Walks and tear down at end of weekend.

Team Orientation & Intentional Team Training: Art Inman 692-9206

Responsible for coordinating team training and community education.

Team Selection: Jeanne Sweet 698-8130

Set dates for team selection, provide database of potential team members, work with team Lay Director and Spiritual Director.

Technical Steward: Dale Mooberry 369-2881

Maintain technical equipment, secure team tech, train tech support

Thursday Night Social Hour: Marvin Ennis 922-5652

Have community members bring snacks for social hour and for weekend.

World Wide Agape: Emily Myers 210-3366

Secure and send Agape letters for Walks around the world




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