Illinois Heartland 

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Walk to Emmaus


Last update: 12/09/2016


About Illinois Heartland

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Illinois Heartland Walk to Emmaus is the regional organization that manages the Walk to Emmaus program in Central Illinois.  



The Illinois Heartland Board of Directors meets the 2nd Sunday of every month at Peoria First United Methodist Church in downtown Peoria, IL; See "Location" for a map.







Illinois Heartland conducts 2 Walks for men and 2 Walks for women annually. Each of these Walks are held at the Spalding Pastoral Center in downtown Peoria, See "Location" for information on the center. See "Schedule" or "Calendar" for a current list of upcoming walks. Also see the latest Newsletter for more information. 


Gatherings provide the opportunity for the greater Emmaus community to meet for worship, personal and group development, and social activities. Gatherings are held monthly at various area churches. See "Schedule" or "Calendar" for more information. 



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